How does the order proceed?

It's quite simple: At fotorola, you order every product, regardless by which operating system you use. Simply start the ordering process, choose the images for your product, upload them, and then start to design your product. In this connection, it is irrelevant, whether you transfer your photos from your hard disk, external memory or from social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox and so on) to create your Photo Book.

Do I have to register?

You can easily complete your design comfortably without registration. But for order subject to charge, registration is necessary.

Does have the registering has some advantages?

Yes. The design of your Photo Books and Photo Calendars can often take long time. For example, if you uploaded your photos once before, then these pictures remain on our servers for 14 days. Within this period you can temporarily interrupt your order as a pre-registered user and continue later at any time.

What is "My fotorola"?

In "My fotorola" you comfortably manage your already order processes, your current and complete orders. You may also order re-orders and start new order projects. Likewise, you can share Photo Books and Photo Calendars with friends for viewing and editing to enable them for direct order.

How long will the data be available?

Uploaded photos are 14 days available - regardless of whether these photos were used for an order or not. Photos, which you have used for ordering will be available for 14 days for further orders (also for other products, formats and variants).

By what date I can edit already started products?

Ih the handling of the projects and products is possible up to the time, at which this product is added to the shopping cartYou can, of course, create a copy of an ordered product and then redesign it.

How many projects can be saved in "My fotorola"?

In the customer area, you can save any number of open projects. You must be aware that the deadlines for deletion are binding.

Can I order several products at the same time?

Yes. You can order as many products as you want of your uploaded photos.

Can I change my order after completion?

To be able to process your order in the fastest possible manner, the production process begins immediately after your order has been completed. However, no such amendment is possible.

When will I receive my delivery?

The production of your order starts directly after receipt of your order and takes 3-4 working days. Afterwards, your photo products will be sent and after 1-2 working days you will hold your order in your hands. The dispatch will be carried out at book post via DHL.

How long will my photobook remain saved for repeat orders?

If you want to repeat an order already carried out, so you must do so within 14 days. Your data will then be safely removed from our servers. Afterwards, all your data will be deleted subsequently from our active servers.


What types of images can be transmitted to design my Photo Calendars and Photo Books?

Generally, we permit transfer of all popular image file formats.

How long does it takes to transmit my photos?

The transmission duration of your pictures depends on selected file format, image size and internet speed. A progress bar informs you at all times of the number and progress of your uploaded photos.

How large does the pictures of my Photo Calendars and Photo Books have to be?

With the current technology, very good print results can already be achieved with images of 2 million pixel resolution. If an image as its resolution is not really suitable for printing, a warning sign will be displayed when you are designing your Photo Books or Photo Calendars.

A warning message occurs. What to do?

The warning sign indicates that resolution of your selected photo is too low. You can ignore this warning message use this image, however. Please note, however, that this can lead to a loss of quality. Please keep in mind, that this can lead to loss of quality.

Ordering of Photo Books and Calendars:

What are the requirements?

To order Photo Books and Photo Calendars, you only need a common internet browser with an installed Adobe Flash plugin, and Windows, Mac or Linux system.

Are there differences in the Photo Book layouts?

Photo Books ordered in the "Saving mode" always use the minimum number of pages. On the contrary, the "Design mode" chooses the varied and spacious presentation of your photos.

Can I add or remove Photo Book pages?

Yes. Starting with the minimum number of 28 pages, you can add additional pages each eight pages long to your Photo Book at any time. If you selected your Photo Book too large, you can remove redundant pages in eight-page increments.

What corrections I can make to my photos?

During the design process of your photo products you have the possibility to make the following changes:

  1. Rotate photos to left and to right
  2. Zoom in on excerpts
  3. Move photos in frame
  4. Convert color photos to black and white
  5. Convert photos into sepia-coloured
  6. Use soft focus / blur effect
  7. Use oil painting effect

Can I change the page numbers of my Photo Book during the order?

If you have placed your project in the shopping cart, you cannot edit it anymore and thus the page numbers can not be changed, as well as the page number. However, as long as you are still working on your project, you can change the page numbers at any time within the given steps and offered page number. However, as long as you are editing your project, you can change the page number of your Photo Book, due to given guideline and offered total number of pages at any time.

Is it possible to change the Photo Book format during the order process?

No. For this purpose, it is necessary to start a new Photo Book project. However, your already uploaded photos are available for every further product.

Is it possible to change the Photo Calendar format during the order process?

No. For this purpose, it is necessary to start a new Photo Calendar project. However, your already uploaded photos are available for every further product.

Can I use special characters in my texts?

Yes. You may use every special character.