fotorola makes the Photo Book for Switzerland

fotorola is a Swiss online provider for Photo Books and Photo Calendars established in Kreuzlingen near Lake Constance.

The year 2013 was for us the launch of a new idea. We offer our Swiss customers our entire skills, our network and experiences, so that every Swiss can buy high ­quality products at fair prices.

In the huge market of digital photos, fotorola occupies a special niche – with the aim of offering particularly requested products more economical, easier and lower priced. We focus on the most important products for our customers, neither we serve the entry-level price segement nor the high-price segment. So, we can slag production and infrastructure and pass the resulting cost advantages to our customers: in the form of particularly reasonable prices.

For us, the most important thing is fairness to our customers. So we offer a transparent pricing models, high quality and easy handling – so that every Swiss will be able to order individual Photo Books and Calendars without any major effort. Each customer gets the same offers. Depending on whether he or she is new customer, registered customer, or newsletter-recipients.

The solution of online ordering can be utilised from any PC, Mac or Linux system; a software download is not necessary. Step by step the customer is guided through design and order process. Registered customers can even interrupt this process and continue later. Customers can also manage their data, older orders and invoices themselves at any time.

How is quality? Is the business sustainable?

fotorola collaborates with professional Swiss printing enterprises. So, during high order situation (particularly in the pre-Christmas period) can be better controlled and overcapacities of the printing houses can be used in the most cost-effective way. On the other hand it is possible to offer the most modern print products to our customers. The savings resulting we pass on to our customers up to 100% – they contribute to the reasonable prices of fotorola.
For further efficiency enhancement we continuously maintain and refine our online order system.

In the spirit of sustainability we exclusively supply products of climate-friendly Swiss production; all used printing paper is obtained from sustainable forestry.

Who is fotorola?

Thomas NeyeThe fotorola GmbH based in Kreuzlingen was founded in July 2013. Gründer Thomas Neye is a professional photographer in the third generation, he got into the Internet business in 1997, when he founded a company, that created solutions for e-commerce and operated online marketing. With his company, he set up one of the first internet pictures services in Germany in 1998After successful internationalization in eleven European countries, the photo portals were taken over by Hewlett-Packard and operate now as "Snapfish" throughout Europe.
Subsequently, he was employed for CeWe Color AG in the field of expansion. After that, he led the European operations of online photo finishing business of Hewlett-Packard for two years. Recently he worked for five years as Managing Director for Germany and Austria for the Swiss-based Ifolor Group.
Finally he founded his the Performance Marketing AG in Switzerland – with the fotorola GmbH he implements his idea of offering each Swiss citizen Photo Books and Photo Calendars: easy, high-quality, inexpensive.